It is difficult to find another natural monument like the Charyn canyon. It is believed that it appeared due to sedimentary rocks that are more than 12 million years old. It is hard to imagine, but the total height of some steep mountains can reach 300 meters.
The most interesting place for everyone who is going to visit the Charyn canyon is the Valley of Castles. The length of this valley reaches several kilometers, and the total width is from 20 to 80 meters.

There are many rare plants grow in the canyon. In the canyon grows a large number of rare plants. One of them is a relict species of ash, which survived even the era of glaciation. This is an extremely rare plant, so it is quite naturally that it should be seen the first. In the second half of the last century, Ash Grove, located in the Charyn Canyon, was declared a natural monument. Not for nothing tours in the Charyn Canyon are so popular.  

You can find another such grove only in North America. Many tours of  Kazakhstan and tours of the Almaty region necessarily include a visit to the canyon. The turang grove is represent a special interest for tourists. The diversity of the fauna and flora of the canyon allows you to call this place one of the most beautiful in all of Kazakhstan. Not for nothing, many tourists first of all go here.

Here you can find one and a half thousand different plants, some of which are listed in the Red Book. Rare birds, reptiles and mammals also live here. In no other place in Kazakhstan is it possible to find the same cultural diversity.